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Orchid Recovery Center for Women
November 17, 2010

Orchid Recovery Center for Women with Drug and Alcohol ProblemsThe Orchid Recovery Center has been helping women overcome addictions to drugs or alcohol for many years now. What sets the Orchid Recovery Center for women apart from standard rehabilitation programs is that doctors and counselors at the Orchid have devised a treatment methodology that goes beyond the reach of other programs. Sure they still have 12 step programs and counseling sessions but they also use holistic drug treatment methods that help encourage a woman long term to live a sober life.

Holistic Drug Rehab Methods

  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Fitness Therapy
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Art Therapy
  • Life Coaching
  • Acupuncture

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California Drug Treatment
November 17, 2010

The state of California has fallen on hard times, there is a high unemployment rate and a rise in illegal drug use and trafficking. The drug problem is not only in the big cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco; it’s also in the rural areas and even the suburbs. Some of the drugs that are being abuse in California are marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and prescription pills. To some extent, every major drug is a problem in California, which could be said about any state in the union.

There are a lot of California drug treatment options that one can seek when they or someone they know has a drug abuse problem. In the state there are rehab centers for any budget; from basic support groups to very exclusive and private rehabilitation centers. If an individual needs a detox center in Los Angeles or a residential treatment program in San Fransisco, California Drug Treatment can help you find one. Call (888) 375-5726 for more information.

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Percocet Abuse Help
November 9, 2010

Percocet Abuse Help
Percocet is a painkiller that is prescribed for pain management. It is legally prescribed by a doctor to a patient and generally does not become a problem. But Percocet is an addictive drug and it can become a problem if one is not careful. Usually an addiction begins when a patient is prescribed Percocet and begins taking the recommended dosage but later begins taking more then the appropriate dosage. These people believe they need more of it to cope with the pain. In fact a patient can become use to the levels of medication and with long term use, they can build up a tolerance. All of a sudden without noticing, they have become addictive to it.

Percocet Abuse Help is a great site to answer all your Percoet questions. I gives a good background on the the drug and tells you what signs to look for and to know when it’s time to get help for an addiction. If you or someone you know needs rehab or detox for Percocet abuse, take a look at this site, or call one of their professionals to get advice on the right treatment program. Call 866-872-6492.

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Orchid Recovery Center
November 8, 2010

Orchid Recovery CenterThe Orchid Recovery Center caters to women who are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction and any related traumas they might be dealing with too. The center is a women only drug rehab program because men are typically a major factor in their substance abuse problem. It’s usually a man who introduces the woman to the addiction and often times there comes with that a physical or psychological abuse problem. By removing men from the equation the women who attend the Orchid Recovery Center can feel safe and comfortable in their recovery process. The women are also able to interact with other women in similar situations, making them feel like they are not alone.

Orchid Success Rate
Orchid Recovery Center for Women
The Orchid Recovery Center success rate is typically higher than at a traditional rehabilitation program. In addition to the program being women only, it also uses holistic rehab methods to not only treat the addiction but also treat the entire well-being of the individual. This is done through fitness therapy, yoga and meditation, art therapy, acupuncture and nutrition counseling.

Orchid Charity Efforts
The philosophy at the Orchid is to help out those who are in need. For them it’s not enough to only help women overcome substance abuse problems so they have become active in their local communities. They have teamed up with Kiva to raise money for deserving small business owners who need loans to see their businesses succeed. See their Orchid Recovery Center Kiva page for more.

Heroin Detox Rehab
November 8, 2010

Heroin Detox Rehab

The information you will find on Heroin Detox Rehab is useful in understanding what a heroin addiction involves, why people get addicted to it and why it’s so hard to overcome this addiction. As a family member or a concerned friend you can read about what exactly heroin is and the history behind it. If you need facts, you can find it on this site as well.

Treatment option information that is discussed include the cost of heroin detox rehab, the use of other drugs such as heroin detox pills and what to expect from the detox experience. Most addicts will suffer from withdrawal symptoms and have the potential to relapse if they don’t continue to receive treatment after detoxification. You can chat with their professionals online or call them at 866-872-6491.

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