Orchid Recovery Center

Orchid Recovery CenterThe Orchid Recovery Center caters to women who are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction and any related traumas they might be dealing with too. The center is a women only drug rehab program because men are typically a major factor in their substance abuse problem. It’s usually a man who introduces the woman to the addiction and often times there comes with that a physical or psychological abuse problem. By removing men from the equation the women who attend the Orchid Recovery Center can feel safe and comfortable in their recovery process. The women are also able to interact with other women in similar situations, making them feel like they are not alone.

Orchid Success Rate
Orchid Recovery Center for Women
The Orchid Recovery Center success rate is typically higher than at a traditional rehabilitation program. In addition to the program being women only, it also uses holistic rehab methods to not only treat the addiction but also treat the entire well-being of the individual. This is done through fitness therapy, yoga and meditation, art therapy, acupuncture and nutrition counseling.

Orchid Charity Efforts
The philosophy at the Orchid is to help out those who are in need. For them it’s not enough to only help women overcome substance abuse problems so they have become active in their local communities. They have teamed up with Kiva to raise money for deserving small business owners who need loans to see their businesses succeed. See their Orchid Recovery Center Kiva page for more.


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